Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Portable Garden Facilities

Storage container hydroponic garden-courtesy of Podponics and Forbes

Did you know?!

Grass roots initiatives can effectively end the dependence on corporate farms, the cultivation and ingestion of GMO's, as well as, the use and consumption of harmful herbicides, pesticides and preservatives/hormones used to treat produce headed for your local markets (and ultimately your dinner table). The power has always been in the hands of the people! All you have to do is flex those mental muscles, organize with like-minded others, and put one foot in front of the other in order to take action toward utilizing available technological resources (hydroponic systems and technology) for growing produce consistently at a local level. It is the only way to guarantee what you produce and eat is pesticide, herbicide, and GMO free.

There are many start up companies gaining popularity that cater to these types of grass roots endeavors. Two entrepreneurs in Massachusetts (Freight Farms co-founders’ Jon Friedman and Brad McNamara) have been modifying and selling Cargo containers for just such purposes since 2005.

You can read the full article by Forbes here:

 Jon Friedman and Brad McNamara discovered an unmet need stemming from harsh east coast winters;  Restaurants and local markets were unable to meet the demands for freshly grown basil as the frigid winter weather would not permit the production of these crops. The restaurants and markets had to resort to shipping the product all the way from mexico and paying a much higher premium for a product in which they have limited awareness on its production origin; however, with the help from these two forward thinking individuals fresh basil can be grown year round, and on site for a fraction of the cost using their modified shipping containers as growing facilities. This guarantees that the growers and consumers know exactly whats for dinner! Do you?

Zac, one of our dedicated hydroponics experts on call, states that 'these containers can serve a multitude of beneficial purposes for the contemporary hydroponic gardener; Such as, isolating specific crops and strains ;as well as, containing and controlling disease and pest outbreaks'. Please visit for all your hydroponics questions and needs. Customer service is available Tues thru Sat from 11am until 7pm by calling 480 266 1559