Thursday, January 9, 2014

Artwork by Alex Tooth

Trustworthy = transparent and consistent efforts toward sustainability for all.

Here at hydroharbor, we take great pride in our team of experienced and educated hydroponic gardeners. We have decades of experience, as well as a dedicated interest in educating and assisting anyone who has a sincere desire in developing the skills necessary to reach a level of sustainability rarely heard of since our grandparents generations. We can also provide you with all the resources needed to launch a successful grass roots hydroponic operation in your home or organization. The goal of sustainability can be attained through the practical use of modern plant science and technology. We know that a good rapport and consistent delivery of impeccable customer service is the best way to earn your trust and facilitate a grass roots movement towards sustainable living for us all.  We are convinced that leading by example is the only way to provide the necessary inspiration to help ourselves and others. There are also other organizations currently taking the initiative to provide forthright examples of the extreme consumer power that resides in grass roots sustainability efforts. Kennesaw State University in the state of Georgia is doing just that by producing their fruits, vegetables, and meats on location to serve to students and faculty through their cafeteria. see full Cherokee Ledger-News article here. 

 No matter what you're growing, we want to help you achieve your goal in the most informed, efficient and effective ways possible.  Here at hydroharbor, we see your questions, comments, and contributions as an investment in our overall common goal: Grass roots sustainability. Please feel free to call our customer service line at 480 266 1559