Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hydroponics is taking hold!

Modern hydroponics was developed as a space age solution for food production during deep space exploration; however, the application is thousands of years old (Inca floating islands). NASA and Walt Disney are largely responsible for the modern development of what the Incas and Babylonians were known to have applied in their own ancient civilizations utilizing the resources they had access to at the time for the benefit of their whole society. The world today is a very different landscape than the ancient world, and the space age's infancy for that matter, but there is no doubt we depend on technology and society as a whole to sustain in a modern world. As a result of  applying modern politics, economics, and technology, we have become disconnected from so many essential things as a society including the sources of our own food supply; Can we say 'Maslows Hierarchy of Needs'? Despite this resultant factor in modern society's awareness of community,  the principles of caring and sharing (like the ancient ones)  is gaining momentum and hydroponics is quickly becoming a viable solution for seizing the means of food production on a grass roots scale utilizing modern technology.