Thursday, February 20, 2014

One of the first Anglo Gardeners in the Valley of the Sun! Elisha Reavis

Elisha Reavis

'The Old Hermit of the Superstition", Elisha Reavis, was considered one of the first Anglo settler gardeners in the Phoenix Arizona area. He had an orchard and a garden in the higher elevations of the superstition wilderness and lived there alone. His orchard still remains there today. He would come off the mountain occasionally to sell his produce at the Silver King Mine, Florence, Tempe, Mesa, and in Phoenix. He is one of the only characters in Superstition wilderness lore to have known and befriended the Old Dutchman, Jacob Waltz. Our hydroponic shop takes pride in having categorical and historical ties to the old hermit, as well as the old Dutchman: 1. We are also desert gardeners, however, we enjoy teaching others how to garden efficiently and effectively in this arid desert climate; and 2. Larry, the boss man, has been at this business for over 13 years and his father and grandfather(who was known to do business with the Old Dutchman-Jacob Waltz) also ran retail operations in the valley of the sun dating back to the early pioneer days..


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