Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vermi-Love for Valentines day!!

Vermi-Love Worm Farm earthworm castings.
Valentines day candy for plants, aka worm poo from the Vermi-Love Worm Farm

Earthworm castings are a rich and organic source for providing your plant medium with microbial organisms; as well, providing nutrients for plants to eat. Jake says feed your favorite plant friends the best worm chocolates this valentines day!!! 

Product description:

Vermi~Love Worm Farm & more LLC is dedicated to creating greener communities. Transforming materials like produce waste into worm castings to feed the soil that feeds us! 
Vermicompost is basically worm poop, with a very sweet earthy smell. 
Vermicompost is sold 'live, never sterilized!  All the beneficial microbes (aka bacteria and fungi) are alive and ready to help your plants. 
Feeding the soil that feeds us.
We use high quality organic plant scraps to create vermicompost from plant material only. We never use animal manure!  Helping your garden grow more each season without missing a harvest.  Live vermicompost has even been shown to protect germinating seedlings from certain zoospores.
Vermicompost is great for all plants; edibles, lawns, potted plants, ornamentals and succulents. Being naturally slow release, there is no danger of burning a plant by over fertilizing.
Use as a monthly fertilizer for potted plants, mix into planters, add to seed starting mixes, or use right in the garden soil for stronger healthier plants. 
Transforming green waste can build better soils for farms, gardens, lawns and the community. Green waste is better composted than creating greenhouse gases . 

The Vermi-Love Worm Farm
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