Friday, April 11, 2014

Hydroponic Scholastics!

Sauls (Homegrown Hydroponics) and Mr. Mann (Johnson Elementary School Garden Club Administrator)

Johnson Elementary's Garden Club got a grant to set up a hydroponics system. We were lucky enough to get them all set up! We stopped by to see how everything was going and we were so impressed. Matt from our Gilbert store is pictured here with Mr. Randy Mann. Mr. Mann teaches 4th grade and is head of the Garden Club. Clearly he has a very talented group of young gardeners!-Kendra

River style aquaponics system surrounded by Ebb and Flow

Food production education in the formative years of a child's life is essential for continued interest throughout life. Young minds tend to grasp hold of their life interests early on and carry them throughout the duration of their lifetimes. I personally remember my grandmother working the earth all her life. Telling me that she feeds the ground, in order to feed the plants, which in turn, feeds us. Even with this early and consistent exposure to garden culture, I still have had to work very hard to gain the knowledge, understanding and experience about hydroponics and gardening in general. My dedication to it did not come to me until later in life. I still struggle to put these practices to use in my daily life for health and quality sake. It seems to take a lifetime to re-program the self gratification cycles obtained through fast food and grocery store culture. If children can learn good ways of self preservation early on, the better off they will be later on in life to focus their energy on sustainable modes of living; as well as, teach others. Effective learning requires active participation! Thank you Johnson Elementary and Mr. Mann for letting us help you to help so many others... -Ed


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