Tuesday, April 29, 2014

General Hydroponics Water Farm

General Hydroponics Waterfarm

General Hydroponics combines deep water culture with recirculating drip irrigation for amazing plant growth rates, space maximization, and ease in automation.. This product grows some of the biggest indoor plants I have ever seen; Amazing results with this product! -Ed Hydroharbor/Home Grown Hydroponics.

Drip Hydroponic System
Our best selling hydroponic module, the WaterFarm® is built to assure a long service life. The unique square design allows growers to closely pack modules together to create large, high-density installations. The WaterFarm will grow small, medium, and large plants. It offers all the features of larger systems at a lower cost without sacrificing quality or performance.
The WaterFarm comes in two models, Complete and Modular. Designed to be a stand alone, the Complete WaterFarm includes: 2 gallon growing chamber, 4 gallon reservoir, drain level tube, an Elite air pump, clay pebbles and Flora Series nutrients. The Modular WaterFarm is designed for multiple unit configuration with a General Hydroponics Controller. The Modular model includes the reservoir, grow chamber and farm kit.

12"L x 12"W x 18"H


Friday, April 18, 2014

Beneficial Microrganisms

A teaspoon of healthy soil contains millions of beneficial microorganisms

We ingest probiotics, like yogurt, to keep bad bacteria from colonizing our bodies; why wouldn't it be the same for the plant kingdom?! Bad bacteria and spores can make you sick! Bad bacteria and spores can also make plants sick! Some bacteria are so sophisticated that they can render plants zombies in order to carry out their infectious ways; however, we can prevent these kinds of infections in plants by applying the same concept as taking probiotics for human health. Plants utilize beneficial aspects of microorganisms (Mycorrhiza, bacteria, and insects) just like us. 'Rhizosphere bacteria may improve the uptake of nutrients to plants and/or produce plant growth promoting compounds.They also protect plant root surfaces from colonization by pathogenic microbes through direct competitive effects and production of antimicrobial agents.'

Contemporary research shows that inoculating plants and soil with beneficial Mykos and bacteria has a tremendous impact on plant health and vigor! Studies are also substantiating the amazing symbiotic relationships micro-organisms and plants share in order to benefit each other in nature. The horticulture world calls this the soil food web. I can speak from experience; Since inoculating my soil based plants with Mycorrhiza and Beneficial bacteria, my plants are much healthier, vigorous, and productive. ~Ed Hydroharbor/Home grown Hydropoincs

A couple of products we carry that are great root inoculates:

Roots Organics-Oregonism XL
Roots Organics Oregonism XL is a distinctive super-soluble formulation of endo/ecto-mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria, and Trichoderma. The species of microorganisms in our product are specifically selected for fruiting and flowering plants with a tolerance to heavy fertilizing. Mycorrhizae colonize the root zone, forming a symbiosis with the plant’s roots, massively increasing the size and effective surface area, facilitating greater nutrient uptake, resistance to disease, and increased tolerance to drought. The beneficial bacteria and Trichoderma in this unique product also produce plant and root growth promoting compounds and protect against pathogens. Oregonism XL is incredibly versatile and effective in potting soil and hydroponics.

General Hydroponics Subculture M and B
General Hydroponics has developed two cutting edge root innoculants, SubCulture-M and SubCulutre-B. SubCulture-M is a blend of mycorrhiza that is dusted on roots during transplant. SubCulture-B is a blend of cultured bacteria that can be used in hydroponic reservoirs and in soils. Both products allow your plants to develop a symbiotic relationship with the media and nutrients, and serve to increase your plants immunity to disease and also will promote huge increase in yields.
Extreme Gardening-Azos

Extreme Gardening-Mykos

Extreme gardening separates their Mycorrhiza and Bacteria for soil based applications.


Beautiful Wildlife Garden

Friday, April 11, 2014

Hydroponic Scholastics!

Sauls (Homegrown Hydroponics) and Mr. Mann (Johnson Elementary School Garden Club Administrator)

Johnson Elementary's Garden Club got a grant to set up a hydroponics system. We were lucky enough to get them all set up! We stopped by to see how everything was going and we were so impressed. Matt from our Gilbert store is pictured here with Mr. Randy Mann. Mr. Mann teaches 4th grade and is head of the Garden Club. Clearly he has a very talented group of young gardeners!-Kendra

River style aquaponics system surrounded by Ebb and Flow

Food production education in the formative years of a child's life is essential for continued interest throughout life. Young minds tend to grasp hold of their life interests early on and carry them throughout the duration of their lifetimes. I personally remember my grandmother working the earth all her life. Telling me that she feeds the ground, in order to feed the plants, which in turn, feeds us. Even with this early and consistent exposure to garden culture, I still have had to work very hard to gain the knowledge, understanding and experience about hydroponics and gardening in general. My dedication to it did not come to me until later in life. I still struggle to put these practices to use in my daily life for health and quality sake. It seems to take a lifetime to re-program the self gratification cycles obtained through fast food and grocery store culture. If children can learn good ways of self preservation early on, the better off they will be later on in life to focus their energy on sustainable modes of living; as well as, teach others. Effective learning requires active participation! Thank you Johnson Elementary and Mr. Mann for letting us help you to help so many others... -Ed


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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kessil Led Lighting for Horticulture

Kessil 150 Led Magenta
Led lighting for agriculture and indoor gardening applications has been perfecting itself for years now. The current variety can be mind boggling; since some work much better than others. I have found that the Kessil 150 Magenta Led works very nicely from veg through flower as a stand alone and as supplemental. I used it as a supplemental along with compact fluorescent and High-pressure sodium with excellent results; Higher yields and better quality.-Ed

Flowering Emphasis, Unique Quad-band Formula

Similar to the PURPLE model but with a much higher ratio in the red spectrum, the MAGENTA model is a general purpose LED grow light that focuses on performance during the bloom phase. This unique quad-band spectrum blends four different types of LED chips together and is ideal for the flowering stages of growth.

Spectral Precision

Thousands of research and test hours on multitude of plants and environments used to determine
optimal spectral points for both blooming/fruiting and support throughout a growth cycle.

Intensity and Penetration

Rivals the light intensity of a 150 watt HPS bulb, with light concentrated into a single point source mixing 
color into a precision tuned spectrum before it leaves the light. Dense Matrix LED technology enables 
the most powerful penetration and widest spread in its class, with quality light reaching well below
a plant's canopy.


Slim design and compact size make it possible to work in your garden with minimal shading and 
without the lights being in the way.


Rugged cooling technology ensures consistent light output while using far less power and producing
much less heat than traditional lights throughout its long life.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Mother Earth and the Science we have developed to mimic her.

 By Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis

Earth is a sentient and living being that plants, like ourselves, depend on in order to survive and sustain. Many organic systems work together in order for this symbiotic relationship, known as life, to persist. Teaming with Microbes is one of the best reads for explaining the natural systems existing in nature that keep plants sustaining and flourishing without human intervention.  By reading this book, you will have a better understanding of the natural soil food web and how it works. This book will also provide perspective to the reader on how to apply these powerful soil food web insights within your own soil or hydroponic gardens.-Ed


Friday, March 21, 2014

Rock Nutrients: Resinator

Rock Nutrients-Resinator

I have used this product and it does exactly what it suggests! Bigger, Fatter, Denser, and Stickier!-Ed Hydroharbor/Homegrown Hydroponics.

Product Description:

Rock Resinator uses an extensive and complex combination of phosphorus and potassium designed to pack on extra size and weight. Rock Resinator contains citric metabolites to accelerate the kreb cycle to deliver consistent results in flower size, quantity and quality that has no rivals. Using the finest and most refined natural base elements and plant extracts ensures your favorite plants are given the best opportunity to develop to their full potential. Triple Action Technology - Rock Resinator uses the latest bio stimulant technology to accelerate flower formation and essential oil production with results that will rock your world!
Use Rock Resinator starting the second week of flowering through harvest at a rate of 4mL/1Gal for lower EC's and up to 8mL/1Gal for higher EC's. Shake well before use.

Aurora Innovations-Roots Organics Nutrients-Master and Player Packs

Aurora Innovations-Roots Organics fertilizer starter kits

This product is well designed and highly effective in both hydroponic systems (Soul Synthetics) and Soil (Roots Organics). Definitely a plus having all your bases, cal+mag, beneficials, and flowering additives in one pack for $50; definitely the best value for the money right here!-Jacob-Homegrown Hydroponics. 

Player & Master Packs
Aurora Innovations is proud to offer our trial kits at an introductory price for first time customers. Designed both for new gardeners looking to start with a powerful complete program at an economical price, and for established gardeners wishing to do a side by side comparison to see for themselves the quality and yields they can achieve with our hand crafted nutrients. Our sampling program consists of one of the following three comprehensive packs:

16oz Grow, 16oz Bloom, 16oz Infinity, 8oz Grow-N, 8oz Amino-Aide , 8oz Big Swell, 8oz Peak. This nutrient line is designed for growing in coco fiber, hydroponics and works great in soil as well.

16oz Buddha Grow, 16oz Buddha Bloom, 16oz Trinity, 8oz Extreme Serene, 8oz Ancient Amber, 8oz HP2, 8oz HPK, 1.8oz Oregonism XL. This nutrient line is designed to be used in potting soil.

5 ML MASTER PACK | $44.99
16oz Buddha Grow, 16oz Buddha Bloom, 16oz Trinity, 8oz Amino-Aide, 8oz Big Swell, 8oz Ancient Amber, 8oz Extreme Serene, 8oz HP2, 8oz HPK, 1.8oz Oregonism XL. Designed to be used in potting soil.