Sunday, January 27, 2013

Introduction is a hydroponics retail website focused on urban gardening and sustainable living. The website is designed to be a community resource for anyone seeking to bring plants into their homes. Our tutorials and featured products will appear on our blog at where you can follow us on Google+, or our facebook page:

More than anything we want to bridge the gap that keeps many people from growing their own fruits and vegetables at home. We have the materials and experience to help new urban gardeners grow healthy plants even indoors with limited space. If you live where you have the advantage of the full sun and a favorable climate, we encourage using hydroponics outside for incredible yields.

Tell us about your specific situation and we will give it some thought and offer suggestions to help you turn empty space into green space. Write to us here!

Illustrations and tutorials appear on our website from the first menu option START GROWING. As we expand the instructions on these pages, we update our blog with the new content and features.

We are actively enrolling affiliates to earn commission by promoting our website. This can be as simple as linking to our website from a post, or featuring a product on a blog or newsletter. You can learn more about our affiliate program here: is the joint project of Nate and Dan Porter and a lot of other contributors. To those who have helped, and will help, thank you!  

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