Saturday, March 16, 2013

Light Stands

Lights need to be hung carefully on a sturdy frame.  We’ve built many frames for only a few dollars using parts from our local hardware store. A hood and bulb can weigh up to 50 lbs., and lighting stands should support that weight with the possibility of stress from all angles.

Never cut corners with construction. Lighting fixtures are a fire hazard if they are not properly secured and have adequate clearance. Learn how to make your own light stand.
Stands designed specifically for hoods and trays are available on our site through special order only. These stands are steel, and expensive to ship which is why they are not included in our online inventory. Email us for a specific quote on stands.
Active Aqua Tray Stands (special order only): 2x4: $166.95; 65.0 lbs.
4x4: $261.95; 72.0 lbs.
8x4: $379.95; 90.0 lbs.

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